Monday, February 22, 2010

Cricut Expression Dustcover

Here is a super simple way to make a dustcover for your cricut machine. I have the larger cricut expression, but you can use the same basic steps and just adjust the sizes to make one for a smaller machine.

Let's Get Started!

Cut one rectangle 19" x 21" and go to this link to get the pattern piece for the sides. To be cut on fold. There are 4 pages to the pattern, but they are just part of the rectangle. It's easier to use your rotary stuff and cut the rectangle. Just print the half moon shape on page 4.

Starting at the bottom edge of the 'half moon' and the shorter edge of the rectangle, with right sides together, pin around. Start pinning evenly up each side.

You will notice that there is extra fabric at the top, fold it to form a small pleat. Like so.

Stitch around with 5/8" seam. Go slowly and make sure that you aren't catching the excess bottom fabric.

Trim the seams, preferably with pinking shears to prevent unravelling.

Press seams open. It's a bit tricky but helps if you use the tapered edge of the ironing board.

Drape cover over machine and mark your preferred hem length. Press hem under. Stitch around. Trim seam with pinking shears.

Another suggestion, which I just thought of, is to make the lower edge a casing for 1/4 elastic and feed some elastic in to give the cover some grab or snugness. I'll have to try that next time.

If you want to add a little more flare just applique something simple on the front- like I did.

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