Monday, February 22, 2010

Gathered Clutch Purse and Zippy Wallets

I cannot take full credit for these adorable items as the pattern belongs to Anna over at Noodlehead. I love her ideas and her tutorials- very easy to understand and lots of images.

Gathered Clutch Purse

I love these purses and have made literally dozens of them as gifts and every gal loves them. Here are a few I've made for myself. I wish I had pics of all the others but believe me, there are lots of these purses being duplicated all over etsy...if you're looking for more inspiration.

Another way to make it unique is to skip the fabric band across the front and replace it with double fold bias tape and a cute button. Or a cluster of buttons...I did one with several buttons on it but didn't get a pic...I'll try and work on that.

These purses are also very cute and easy to accessorize if made with denim or denim type fabric.

Zippy Wallets

Also from Anna, these mini wallets are so cute and they fit inside of the gathered clutches...a great gift combo.

They also make adorable gift card holders if you opt for a simpler gift.

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