Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm sure you're all wondering how we're holding up. It's been 5 days since we arrived home and I think we've finally settled into some sort of a routine. We were truly blessed to have "a sleeper" this time. Nathan has started sleeping for 3 hours at a time which allows Matt and I to be able to sleep at the same time instead of each of us taking a shift and only getting 4 hours of sleep each night. And he started napping yesterday in his swing for several hours at a time so are able to get stuff done around the house.

Everyone has been asking about Timothy. Surprising enough, he's taking his new task very seriously. He's the biggest helper and many times I'll see him trying to impress me with how strong he is. He'll pick up something too big for him and grunt very exaggeratedly and say something like, "Big. Big. Too heavy! " and then grunt again. And he's always got his hand on the other side of the baby carrier helping daddy.

This morning he was sorting through the toys in his closet singing "Sleepy, sleepy baby" to his own made up tune. It was cute. He is very good about letting me sleep- the other day I dosed off on the couch and woke up thinking Tim had probably gotten into something. In actuality he was sitting on the coffee table across from me reading a stack of books and eating fruit snacks.

Of course, he does have his wild moments. The second day we were home he managed to completely trash the living room in less than 15 minutes- and I mean trashed! He pulled the curtain rod off of the wall.

I grabbed the camera and said, "Smile, you little menace!" and this is what we got. I just couldn't bring myself to punish that face!

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