Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Love Our Library

Tuesday is library day at the Borja house. Even though our library is very small, like our town, we love it!
The children's programs are amazing! The librarian starts out with our song for the month (something fun with lots of actions to get the wiggles out) and then the kids sit down in these mini chairs for story time. After 2 or 3 books...they are 1-4 years old... they all go outside with a giant parachute, then it's time for a craft, and lastly, some more songs and dances. The last song is Tim's favorite because they bring out a basket full of instruments for the children.

Today's theme was turtles.

We made these adorable little turtles.....

......and then had a turtle race.

The turtles are made by gluing a paper bowl onto the green body and then gluing old puzzle pieces onto the shell for more detail. He did have eyes...Tim just preferred to stick them on his shirt. By the middle of the afternoon that poor turtle looked closer to roadkill from being dragged everywhere.

Then on our way out we noticed the free book bin was loaded and got 3 books to take home. Our library is going through inventory and any book that hasn't been checked out in 3 years gets discarded. Goody for us. We also checked out some of the new books that were purchased to replace the old ones...a few of which will be on the Christmas list this year. (:

On a random note: Check out this cool tower that Timothy made in nursery this Sunday!

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