Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Woohoo! God Answers Prayer!

June 1st would have been an entire year since Matt was let go from his job.

Did you notice I said "would"?

That's because he landed a job! He'll still be doing what he loves-web development.. and he still gets to work at home! Which I love!

Matt has been building websites and applications for a company called Bisnow off-and-on for a few years and jokingly told the man he corresponds with that "at this rate, you might as well hire me, etc". To his surprise, the man emailed back saying that he intended to do just that, but was waiting to see where our interests were!

So, Matt had a long chat today with the "big man" of the company and he'll be working 20 hours a week starting on Monday. This is perfect for Matt since he has some client work to finish up, and he was really hoping to be able to find part time work to compensate for the low times financially.

It's a great company and everything is what we were hoping for...part time work, good pay, doing what he enjoys, and some stability for us.

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  1. Great answer to prayer!

    I wish our library was like that. Storytime is at 6 in the evening here!