Friday, April 1, 2011

Is There A Photographer In The House?

I gave Timothy the camera and let him try to take some pictures by himself a few times this week. It was pretty amusing to watch the progression of the images as he actually figured out how to look through the lense and capture what he's looking at- Rather than looking in the lense, saying "Cheese! Push button!", clicking away, and not getting much of anything.

Daddy at the computer

This time we caught Daddy's attention for the picture, but not enough of his face to tell.

There's Daddy!
Daddy doesn't take very long you can see.

And what about Mommy and Nathan?

Ooops! Our fingers are in the way! And Mommy has no head.

No fingers this time...and there's Nathan...still not much head on Mommy.

Alas! we have a "perfect" picture of Mommy and Nathan. Never mind the fact that Mommy was having an allergy attack and is all red and poofy-eyed!

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