Monday, April 18, 2011

New Looks "By Lauren Luke"

Pregnant or not, gaining 35 pounds in mere months can be depressing. It was during this time that I stumbled onto the wonderful make-up tutorials of the now-famous Lauren Luke. A bit later she came out with her first make-up line and, being in desperate need of some pampering, I went shopping!

I have never had any complaints about her products.....Until this Week when Tim decided to give my make-up palette....

.....his bedroom carpet....

....and himself....

....A fabulous new look.

I hadn't tried the liquid eye liner before and apparently it's pretty permanent! It took two days to wash off his body and will not wash off the carpet or the shower walls. So, be warned.

He was pretty uncomfortable after being scrubbed half-to-death. But, he's even more uncomfortable now that he has a Stye!!!!!


  1. LOL like you and Sam never got into my things!!!! I remeber when you guys used marker to make your selves look like you had make up on. Love ya MOM bye the way Timothy looks gorgeous!! Oh and the bright idea to use permante marker to make your borther look like Groucho Marxs was a classic!

  2. Haha! Forgot about the "Groucho Episode"! Leave it to a Mom to never forget! Luv ya!

  3. Amanda I'm looking a these pictures agin and Timothy looked so happy about his beauty make over till you scrubbed him. LOL MOM