Monday, May 9, 2011

Hey there!

We've been super busy this past month. We're currently doing some renovation on a bathroom, so that's why I haven't been online. There's about a ton of other things going on, Institute classes on Monday nights for 3.5 hours, library and errand day on Tuesdays, Wednesday nights is church, and Matt and I have taken over a multitude of church responsibilities now that he's going to become the Assistant Pastor in that takes up our Saturday mornings/afternoons, then preparing for Sunday School (did I mention I took over the 5-7 years old class?), and Sundays are so busy nothing ever gets done but church and lunch! And we still have to fit in homework and essays, time for ourselves and managing the rascals. Oh, and my brother called last week to say that he's coming to stay with us at the end of the month. That will be nice since I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving, but that means we have to finish the bathroom by then. We'll be taking a 5 week break from Institute starting the week that Mark gets here, so he'll be just in time. Can you say babysitter?? haha

It's funny how you can size up a project, like patching some drywall and painting the bathroom, and think to yourself- "I can have this done in two afternoons", but then when you add a newborn and a toddler into the mix it's more like- "God, when is nap time?? I think I can have this done sometime this month! "

It reminds me of Hilary Week's parody of "My Favorite Things"...totally relate!

She does another parody of "Chopsticks" which relates to my week as well. The funny thing is, now that Matt is working at home he understands- especially the part about "plopping them in front of morning t.v." lol

How many of you moms have had "what is that in your hair?" moments? I think the most embarrassing are the permanent hand-print stains on all of my clothes. Of course, they are at the exact height where Timothy can reach up and follow me around saying, "MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM,- UP,UP,UP,UP" guessed it; right on the behind. People with kids usually don't bother asking!

But, in all the mayhem we haven't heard about the "scary elephant" in a while :) See Here

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