Monday, May 9, 2011

See? A Booger.

What is it about
boys and their boogers?

This is a serious question. Timothy discovered a few months ago that he has boogers and one of his favorite bedtime/car ride hobbies is thoroughly examining them. And sharing them with others.

The other night we are laying in bed, the room is absolutely silent, and then Timothy says :

" See? A Booger."

I open up my eyes and his finger is about 2 centimeters from my face with a big one on the end of it. After screaming and demanding he put it on the tissue, I couldn't help but laugh hysterically.

He's so random!

The other day he refused to take a nap so I just let him stay up. We were heading out to run errands and I put his shoes and pajamas on hoping he'd sleep in the car. By the time I got my own shoes on, he was asleep, standing up.

Those are the pajamas I made him for Christmas. He's outgrowing them already! They look baggy because he's so skinny, like his parents.

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