Saturday, June 11, 2011

Book Review: Josh and the Woo Woo

Today's book is also by David Bedford, but it is illustrated by Daniel Howarth. This book is for an older audience, only because it is a longer, more complex story. It's more suited for 4-8 year old children.

The story is about a rabbit named Josh who is afraid of noises, but has lots and lots of loud siblings who are always going on adventures and leaving Josh behind. One day Josh hears a noise that doesn't frighten him but makes him curious. So, Josh sets out to discover this new sound while leaving his siblings, who are afraid, behind.

(I apologize for the bad photos and lack of them. It was the first book I decided to review and we were headed off to the library to return it. We'll have lots and lots of pictures on the next reviews!)

Timothy loves the illustrations, but doesn't have the patience to read the entire story, so we just look at the images and summarize the story as we go along. One of the things I love about David Bedford's books are that he uses a different illustrator almost every time. I think it helps him capture the uniqueness in every one of his stories.

This book retails for $6-12 new and about $6 used. It all depends on where you buy it and the type of binding. Check it out from your library and see what you think!

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