Saturday, June 11, 2011

Childrens Book Reviews

I thought we might try something new on this sight. Something I haven't seen anywhere else- yet. What would you think about me posting some reviews of books that we love, along with pictures, a brief summary, etc so that other kids Timothy's age could have an idea of what fun books there are to read? We'll give it a go and see how we like it. Shall we?

Our first book is called Mo's Stinky Sweater by David Bedford. The vivid illustrations are by Edward Eaves. This is a book for 2-6 year old children and is the first children's book ever written by Bedford. In my opinion it is a smashing success!

What Publisher's Weekly had to say:
"Mo Monkey is going through a phase that just about every child knows all too well: he refuses to take off a beloved article of clothing, no matter how disgusting it gets. Mo wears his rainbow sweater to collect juicy berries and to make mud pies, and he even uses it "to clean his hands and feet before dinner... and to wipe his face afterward." Naturally, Mother Monkey is itching to give the grubby sweater a thorough wash. But her good intentions lead to a tug of war..."

A sneak peek of the excellent illustrations

As you can see, this book has been checked from our library by quite a few children.

It's a hardcover book that retails for about $15, but can be purchased used for about $8. This book will definitely be on our wish list!

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