Saturday, June 18, 2011

Choo! Choo! Underpants!

We've been working on keeping Timothy in "big boy underpants" when we are at home or Nana's. So far it's going well, although it is much easier when you have plenty of underpants to make it through the day. We only had enough for 2 days (including accidents) so we were washing laundry every other day. That get's old very quickly, so we headed to the store for a few more.

While I was scanning the aisle looking for his size, Timothy was scanning the aisle looking for Thomas the Tank Engine. Every store in town is full of Thomas and Cars 2 stuff, so we grabbed the Thomas ones and headed over to sporting goods to try and persuade Daddy to pay the extra money for "choo-choo underpants".

Timothy was so excited about them! So excited that he was calling out to random people onthe way, "Thank you Daddy, choo-choo underpants!!" I am so glad that people had no idea what he was saying!

Apparently, kids are less likely to have an accident when they are wearing their idol across their bum.

We went 9 hours with only one accident the other day! It was also due to receiving a box of "new" books from a friend that same day... lots of interesting stuff to keep him on the potty.

Yesterday we had cold watermelon with breakfast. I made sure to show Timothy the best part about eating melon, sticking a straw in the well of juice and slurping out all the sweet coldness!

It was really cold!

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