Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our First Pet

Matt and I had been talking about getting a pet since Christmas but just weren't sure if we were ready for the extra responsibility. There was also the task of choosing what pet, where to keep it, and wondering if Tim was ready.

Well, Timothy's Sunday School teacher solved the problem. Mrs. Julie is the best teacher ever, she teaches the 2-3 year old kids and always sends them home with something to remind them of the lesson. They are going through a series on the things that God made. On Mother's Day they learned that God made flowers and they all went home with a potted flower. Last Sunday Jesus made fishies. So, naturally when we went to pick up Tim from his class he walked out with a goldfish in a bowl. Fun!

"Shishie" came with a bowl that carried about 1 cup of water so Nana gave us a bigger bowl that she had. All was going well except for three factors:

#1 Goldfish are dirty animals and they have to have fresh (not tap) water every day! Did I mention I have two kids who demand constant attention already! Thanks Mrs. Julie.

#2 Where can you put a fish bowl that a 2 year old won't be able to climb up to??? No where!

#3 My husband is impulsive and being a Borja, he likes to do things big. SOOO, Monday night after work he announces that we're going out to buy MORE fish!

We left the store with a 2o gallon fish tank! And after the water got conditioned, etc we went back to the store for 6 more fish. But, after the tank got assembled I was glad I married an impulsive person. It is awesome!

These fish are called "cremecicle" because of their color. I loved these when I saw them, so Mr. Wonderful asked for a male and female so we could get some free fish. Well, Mrs. Cremecicle was already pregnant and had her babies last night. They were adorable, but then they all got eaten by their parents. I guess we know for next time! Good thing Tim was at Nana's!

"Shishie" passed away on Thursday. Goldfish are very, very dirty fish and need to live with other goldfish because they poison other types. They also need to live in cold water, but all of the other fish are tropical and require a heater. We want to get another tank later on for just goldfish and koi.

We won't forget you Shishie. You were our first pet.

In honor of your death we went and bought 6 more tropical fish. While we were there Timothy spotted the guinea pigs. That is a bad thing. Ever since we saw that movie Bedtime Stories he's been asking for a "Bugsy"- the large eyed guinea pig in the movie. I personally think they are a bit freaky. But, he's two and is excited by anything furry that's also on television.

I wanted to take this little guy home instead.

I think we're going to have to get a bigger house! Thank goodness that Mr. Wonderful also knows how to say "no" or we'd be in a heap of trouble!

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