Friday, June 24, 2011

Re-usable Coloring Pages

I recently invested in a thermal laminator and I have been using it like crazy! I can't believe I put off purchasing one for so long. It is going to come in handy when we start school in a few years.

Today we made re-usable coloring pages from our favorite cartoon characters. If you go on they have a multitude of coloring pages and activity pages, starring your child's favorite friends, that you can print for free.

BUT, you can only color them once. AND they are only half page images...a waste of paper if you print them out a lot. They are also full of logos and advertisements, etc.

So, we printed out some pages that are from various shows, grouped them together and cut around the edges. Now we can fit 2-4 coloring images on each page!

I used mounting squares to attach the papers to some plain cardstock. I would suggest using only enough tape to keep the image from shifting, the tape shows through a little. Maybe 2-3 pieces for the large images and one for the smaller ones.

After the images are securely in place, on both sides of the sheet, you can slide it into the thermal sheet. Be sure that you insert it into the machine closed side first to keep it from shifting or bubbling. I laminated it on both sides (just take it out and flip it over) to keep it extra sealed.

Side #1- Clifford the Big Red Dog

Side #2- Curious George
We couldn't find a good image of the dog Hundley so we made one in photoshop. I followed this tutorial to turn a colored image into a sketch, then I just typed his name. Easy.

I gave Timothy a cheese stick and some apple juice and he sat at my desk coloring and watching his new Kids Sing Praise dvd for 45 minutes.

Wipe them off and color them again! Definitely worth a little work for a lot of quiet!

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