Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Fair Timmy

VBS went great, Matt is exhausted and I'm wired. Had a lot of fun. Got recruited for face painting while trying to recruit someone else. I'm not so sure about the skits, but whatever.

Timothy just climbed on Daddy's desk, put on his headset and started hollering "Hello Brad!" hoping to hear his uncle on the line. Matt's brother works for him, so they have client meetings via Skype.

My dad left on Sunday night. I told Timothy that Grandpa Jeff was going on an airplane to make the departure less all he talks about is Grandpa Jeff and Ashley flying on an airplane. For some reason, though, he thinks they went to the moon!? He keeps telling me, Mommy! Grandpa Jeff fly moon! Airplane, Mommy! Fly moon!

Oh, and he overheard somebody say- Oh, God! in a sarcastic way and picked it up. Every time he says it I try and ignore him and say- Yes Timmy, God is so good...which is a song he likes to sing in Sunday School. Hopefully by not getting a reaction he will quit saying it. Hopefully.

Lastly, Timothy has been a lot nicer to Nathan (or Whed-de as he calls him) since he watched him get shots. I figured that was a good chance to tell him about Nathan's head. He now feels compelled to proclaim in public places, in classic Timothy style (standing on a bench at the top of his lungs) that "Doctor fix Nathan's owie head"...and when people just ignore him and smile he says it louder and slower than slow... like they're all deaf.

Who can understand the mind of a 2 year old?

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