Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Things They Say!

Here are a few of the funny things that Timothy has said today:

While in the bathroom he looked over at his potty seat and shook his head. Then he said, "No poop. No starburst."

When Nathan was fussing Timothy looked over and said, "Give Nathan a pacifier! "

Then, in a classic imitation of Daddy, Timothy was sitting in office and looked up when I came in and said: "Mommy, a phone call. Get out."

He is currently suspending his entire body from my neck and saying, "Be a horse! Meeheehee. Be a horse!"

He recently learned the phrase "I need" and has been tagging it onto every sentence. He drags out the "e" in need so it sounds like he really "neeeds" it.
My favorite use of this phrase? "Mommy, I neeeed chocolate". "Timmy neeeed Popsicle." "Nana, I neeeed food!"

P.S. I recently picked up these dry erase crayons and they are amazing! He especially loves the little eraser mitt that came with it. They work great on the re-usable coloring pages. Best $5 ever spent...this month!

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