Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good News

Yesterday we went to see Nathan's Neurosurgeon to determine whether or not he'll be getting a second Band. He was so surprised by the amazing changes in Nathan's head shape and very proud. He said that as far as he can tell, there is no need for a second DOC Band. We are submitting a request for a second one through our insurance, just in case we notice that he starts to revert after being out of a Band.

But, he has about 1-2 weeks left in his current helmet and then we're going to spend some time without any helmet and just watch how things are "shaping-up". That is good news for me, since I'll have a few weeks away from those long drives! It's about 220 miles round trip.

I'm sure everyone at church and play group will be excited to see his head again, after 7 weeks in the giraffe helmet. I'm wondering if it won't be odd for people who are so used to seeing him in it!


Last night I caught Timothy playing with the water cooler- again. This has been an ongoing battle since we got the thing. Water goes all over the kitchen and then Tim forgets he splashed on the floor, comes running through the kitchen, big thud, loud get the picture.

Anyways, I took Timothy aside and had him explain to me why he isn't allowed to play with the water, and what water is really for. He did good on that part. The I asked him, "Timothy, do you know what I'm going to do the next time I catch you playing with water?"

His reply?

"You'll pour it on my head."

That wasn't what I was thinking, but maybe it's not a bad idea!

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