Sunday, October 2, 2011

How Could I Forget???

Somehow, in the two years since Timothy was this size, I forgot that literally weeks after they learn to crawl, babies are climbing. Nathan is all over the place, and somehow he's always climbing during that one hour break from the helmet!

Here is a glimpse at all of the places he's been in the last two days. I've been keeping the camera close by all day.

That's how it started, but he get's a little taller every climb.

...and who, exactly, was it that said I wasn't allowed up here???

Make sure the recliner is collapsed all the way!

Went to Costco and got lots of paper products...Nathan likes to use them to make faces at himself in the smudged mirror.

He starts off low. Then you turn around.

Then he takes it a step further.

And before you know it, he's pilot of Timothy's rocket! The USS Underpants!

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