Friday, November 11, 2011

New Chairs

I am reminded, again, this week how fast these boys are growing.

Timothy has just recently discovered how to use "THE CLICKER".

Every time I turn around he is either on my computer or Matt's. He likes to play on, especially the Curious George and Clifford games.

He's still mastering "the clicker" so every now and then he gets frustrated and goes on an angry clicking rampage. A few days ago Matt asked me why there were over 100 things in the shopping cart....huh?

And last night Matt caught him just before he "click here to order" ed a $29.99 a month subscription to PBS!

And Nathan has been eating at the dinner table with us! Instead of playing in his walker nearby.

Now we have a munchkin at either end of the table...very adorable munchkins!

Oh, and tough guy Timmy has been getting to be quite the stinker. The other day he called my mom on the phone and said, "Hello, Stinky Pig Lady. What doing today, you Stinky Lady?"

She was not happy!

On a plus note, that's the first time he's ever done that. But, he is putting his little fists up to people a little more often. He rubbed Nana the wrong way this week too. I have to admit,though, it's funny to see him act all tough until his opponent starts walking over to him, then he runs away screaming for Momma.

Apparently, It's a lot easier to be a tough guy from across the table.

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