Monday, December 12, 2011

Calling all Tank Engines

Today we happened upon the ultimate Thomas and Friends website. Oh yeah. All Timothy kept saying is "for my Christmas, please." He's been praying for about two weeks for train tracks with a button...aka electric train set. This year he actually understands what Christmas presents are and the fact that you can pick what you want. Fun stuff.

So, I went online to discreetly look for non-electric toddler tracks. He busted me and climbed up on my lap.

I'm looking into this travel mat because he really wants tacks for his trains but I'm just not sure he's ready yet, I'm also worried that Nathan will eat them. The travel mat doubles as a backpack to hold several trains.

The next item on his wish list is actually a Thomas growth chart. He keeps saying that he needs to "show Thomas how big I are".

Anyways, I know the train thing is really popular right now, Tim has friends who are girls who like them, so I thought I'd let you know in case. If you happen to know any other boys who are in love with Thomas the Tank Engine this is the place to shop. Seriously, we've been down a lot of toy aisles and this website has Thomas products that we haven't seen in stores.

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