Monday, December 12, 2011

This Will Brighten Your Day

A friend of mine emailed me a picture of her fun spa day with some other gals. They were smeared with spa products all over, I think it was clay or mud. Timothy looked at that picture and kept going on and on about how those girls were all dirty, had on dirty clothes, needed to get "new dressed" (re-dressed) and the fact that he doesn't like mud on his body because it makes him feel sticky.

While I was doing laundry Tim was keeping me company. All of a sudden he said, "I take my head off today." So I said, "If you take your head off what will you do for a head?" Then he replied, "Get a crab hand....get a crab hand and Grab You!"
At this age it's probably pointless to tell him that if he wants to grow a crab claw he should probably remove his arm and not his head. All he cares about is being able to pinch people...who needs to a head, right?

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