Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bald Is Cool...If You're 3 !!

This is Timothy's newest obsession. Caillou.

Don't be mistaken, he has by now means forsaken Curious George or Thomas, he has just added to his collection of computer games on 

Timothy clicked on his game last week during his computer time and fell in love with 4 year old Caillou. All he talked about all day was Caillou. Finally, out of curiosity, I asked him why he liked Caillou so much.

Mom, Caillou is a bald guy.
Me: So you like bald guys?
Timothy: Yes. Mom, Caillou is a bald guy.

This morning he was singing the theme song and dancing around. Matt says, teasingly, "Caillou is a noob!" 
Timothy quickly barked back- "Caillou is NOT a Noob. Caillou is a bald guy!"

Who even taught him the phrase "bald guy" I have no idea. But, to all of you bald guys out there- apparently to 3 year olds bald is way cool.

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