Monday, January 30, 2012

Being A Momma Is Tiring!

It seems like I have been baking sweets non-stop this past week. The cookies for church started the ball rolling, and Timothy's birthday just kept it going.

Last week our local grocery store had a sale on blackberries and blueberries- buy 1 get 2 free. How could I pass that up? Consequently, one afternoon was spent washing and drying fruit, the portioning and freezing it.

It was a bit of a blessing though because I had just been complaining about how we never have time for a decent breakfast on Sunday mornings, actually we usually skip it. Now, we have blackberries for smoothies and lots and lots of blueberry muffins.

Saturday was what I like to call Muffin Madness. I used all of the blueberries and some of Nana's leftover apples from this summer as well as bunches of bananas to make 6 dozen muffins and 4 dozen mini-muffins! I was exhausted by the middle of the day. 

But, our freezer is packed with nice labeled bags full of muffins! I LOVE MUFFINS!!!!

Then this afternoon I had to make cookies to bring to the library for tomorrow, to share with his friends for his birthday. Bible Institute started up again tonight so I had to make the cookies earlier to have them ready for the morning. 

I had seen these cookies online and was waiting for the perfect time to try them out. 

I love them! I had a lot of fun making these, even if it did take a long time. The kids will love them.

All of the baking and decorating not only wore me out, but the boys as well.- they both fell asleep in the living room waiting for me. 

Matt snapped these pictures of Nathan sleeping on his arms. 

 I love this picture! I just want to snuggle up with him. His birthday is next! Wow!

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