Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making Memories

What could be funner than whipping up 6 dozen cookies, eating 1 dozen before packing them up for the potluck, and dancing around to The Crawdad Song...accompanied by Choco-Baby (who loves to dance) and the Little Drummer Boy (complete with sock-hands)?

Hey, we're sugar buzzed and making memories. Besides, who doesn't love The Crawdad Song?? 

I know you're thinking of Andy Griffith, but we're actually listening to a local artist named Chuck Cheesman. We've see all his shows for the past two years, when he's in town. I can't vouch for his "grown up" music or his latest CD but we like the fun and innocence of his kids music. If you go to his website, the "Seafood Song" was written for the children's group in Chino Valley. We're famous...not!

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