Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pre- Preschool

Now that winter break is over Timothy is back to watching the school bus drive through our neighborhood dropping all of the children off. So he's back to constantly asking me when he will be able to ride the bus and go to school. 

I have always planned on homeschooling him so I had a few work books that I had picked up over these past 3 years, a friend gave us some left over preschool workbooks, and Nana found some perfect workbooks for Christmas. 

So, Tuesday we sorted through the books together and found some activity pages that he can do. We copied them and then laminated them so he can use them over and over and then pass them on to Nathan.

On this page he colored all of the Big animals brown and the Small animals blue. 

I noticed that he was having a hard time just drawing a straight line. He can point and do the work sheet but with crayon in hand he just squiggles everywhere. 

So, Wednesday I made some more laminated worksheets, this time of simple lines to trace. The Winnie the Pooh ones are great because they have lots of  "help Pooh run away from the bees", "help Roo find  Eeyore and put his tail on"  and similar line-drawing activities for little guys. I love that they are re-usable and that he can't possibly destroy them, and so far all we bought was the laminated sheets and the dry erase crayons! Can't beat that!

I was reading that having them do simple projects that require the use of the finger muscles and hand-eye coordination can help them learn to write. They suggested having the child put noodles on a string- we only hat hole-less noodles so we used cereal. We went to the store and bought noodles today! 

Actually, the stringing helped him a lot because he's learning how to follow a line by pulling the cereal all the way down the string,  while he's having fun making a necklace. 

Don't worry, we're taking it slow and working when he's ready to. We are doing two work pages a day and one little craft or special project. He loves it. I love it. It's pretty exciting.

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