Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Review: Fuzzytail Farm

Last night we were winding down for bed and reading some books. Usually I read a book aloud and Timothy reads a book to himself at the same time. One of his favorite books is Fuzzytail Farm by Cynthia Alvarez, a gift from a friend.

He likes the book most of all because Farmer Sue looks like Nana.

Nana has gray hair, glasses, wears huge sunhats, and actually DOES garden is striped capri pants, similar to the skirt on Farmer Sue.

He also loves to lift the flaps and learn simple facts about the farm animals. 

Last night he was reading the book to himself and I was listening in. As he turned each page he described what he saw and imagined everyone was doing. I almost fell off the bed when we got to the flap where Farmer Sue was milking the cow.  "The Farmer has a bucket toilet for the cow to go poop in...." 

I quickly explained to him that the cow was putting milk in the bucket so that Farmer Sue can give the milk to the store and get dollars (he loves anything that gets you dollars), and then Mommy could buy the milk at the store for us to put in our cereal.

It is a good beginners book with great pictures and simple text. You just never know what you're going to get when you open up a discussion with Timothy. 

Thanks Kimmi for sending us your old books! 


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  1. Kimmi says, I would not like poo-poo in my cereal!

    So glad the books are still being enjoyed!