Monday, February 6, 2012

Conversing With Timothy

Here are a few of the conversations we have had with Timothy this week.

Timothy walks by Nathan and pats his head, tousling his hair really affectionately and continues on his path towards me. 
Tim: Mom, I'm massaging Nathan. 
Me: On his head?
Tim: I'm massaging Nathan like a pet. 

Timothy is trying over and over to get Matt's attention, but Matt is trying to finish a client correspondence, so Timothy decides to spank his daddy. 
Matt: Tim, we don't spank daddy. Spanking Daddy is bad.
Timothy: O, but spanking Timmy is Good?

Timothy is sitting at the table, hanging his grabber (robotic arm) over the edge of the chair and humming to himself. Even though I know what he is doing I decide to ask him.
Me: What are you doing Timmy?
Timothy: I'm fishing.
Me: How do you catch a fish? 
Timothy: You catch it on you're pole, you punch it, then you eat it.
Me: You don't cook it?
Timothy: You punch it and you eat it. (rolling his eyes like I'm an idiot)

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