Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Congratulations Nathan! 
You have officially been a part of our family for one entire year! 
And we are so glad to have you with us!

I sewed a cute #1 for him to hold as a photo prop for birthday cards, but as you can see he is rather hard to keep still! That, and our weather has been very unpredictable this month- we've had everything from sunny 70 degree days to snow. 

So, no cute birthday cards this year.

Instead I have compiled a list of some of my favorite things about you, little Natie. 

Nathan, I love the way you make every chair in the house look like the most comfortable chair. You are so easy going and happy. 

Especially when Daddy babysits! I love the way you can convince anyone to feed you anything you want. 
Your life is mostly about food right now, good food, junk food, your food, our love to eat!

I love the fact that all it takes to calm you down on a hard day is a real hearty meal. I especially love the way you always wave your plate if you want more food or flip your plate over if you are full. 

I'm not so excited about your new ability to climb just about anything there is to climb.
But, I am very impressed with how you keep up with your rambunctious older brother. 

 I love your left foot!
 And who can resist those cute toes that are always showing! 
There you are climbing again.

I love how musically inclined you are!
I love to watch you try to do the actions to the songs we sing or try to garble the words in your own special way. 

I love the way you dance, squating and bouncing is alright with me, as long as you can keep time with the beat!

I love all eight of your teeth which compose your radiant baby smile! You're brushing your teeth already!

And lastly, I love how cute you look in your birthday shirt from Grandpa Jeff. Can you read what it says? And people wonder where Mommy gets her sense of humor from. 

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  1. Happy birthday Nathan Borja I love you from your most favorite aunt Ashley squires