Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mommy's New-er Toy

Today I would like to talk about my new sewing machine. Actually, I got it on Christmas but I wanted to really use it before raving about it. And use it I have. Check out my recent projects.

My first project was a quilt for Timothy's birthday. I got the pattern idea from here

I ended up having enough scraps to make a pillow case as well.

I made a smock for Nana and a little apron for Timmy by cutting a linen towel in half and adding bias tape.

During Joann's Winter Warm-up Sale I stocked up on fleece and made some cute overalls for the boys.

I made a pair for Nathan, loved them and adjusted the pattern to fit Timmy.

An older woman in our church, who is no longer sewing, invited me over to go through her fabric last month. I got some scraps of corduroy and made this bible cover...for me, time for an update. Slightly based on this one at Delia Creates. 

I also got this cute fleece with little penguins embroidered on it. Made a cute bathrobe for Timothy. Can you see the little, tiny orange beaks....that's why we went for the orange borders.

This week I have been obsessed with making Little Man Neckties

I spotted them Monday night, after classes, and ran over to my fabric stash and began washing fabric. 

I think I may have gotten a little carried away. 

A little pre-church snooze

I still have a few more made and a few more to make. Will post some pictures later. 

About my machine..It's totally broken in. It's the  Janome DC4030.  Matt surprised me by ordering online, having UPS drop it at an arranged time, AND sending me off to go get an oil change while it was being delivered. Since he bought it online I ended up getting the Pink Ribbon Edition, which costs more but you get extra stuff and the proceeds go to the breast cancer foundation...which is totally cool.

 My favorite thing ever about this machine is that it's fully electric and has super cool digital buttons to raise and lower the foot, start/stop, speed adjuster, and even backstitch. So, If Nathan is crawling around I have the option to skip the foot pedal and use the buttons. Amazing, right? 
It also features an auto tension, my second favorite thing. As well as a bunch of awesomeness. It chuggs along like a dream, even through multiple layers of fleece and denim. I have been super impressed by it's robustness and smoothness. 

I love my husband!

He is a way better photographer than me!

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  1. I love u sis the ties look amazing by the way
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