Friday, March 16, 2012

One Sunday Afternoon

As I mentioned, we had services and lunch on Sunday with Abigail Miller and her family. I met her before church and was surprised by how soft spoken she was, almost shy. I was also surprised by how tall they all are! She is nearly 6 feet tall, and her husband and some of her children are over 6 feet tall. Her 18 month old was almost Timothy's size, and her 3 year old was mistaken for a 5 year old and sent to the wrong Sunday school class! 

She has 9 children who also sing, her 11 and 12 year old daughters are just as amazing to hear.  I ended up buying two more CD's and am enjoying them immensely.

Abigail is an your average mom with an amazing gift for music. She loves to talk about her kids, so we basically sat and talked for an hour about being a mother, watching our children grow, and how God uses motherhood to teach us so many things. I couldn't help but ask what it was like for her to homeschool all of them in a travel bus. She giggled and said that they try to stop at parks and let the kids run around as often as possible, so it takes them a lot longer to get from place to place.

Grandpa Nick brought his camera and made a point to take our picture. He's a bit more star struck than we were. After spending Sunday and part of Monday together I really was sad to see her go, I felt like we could have talked so much more. She is such a sweet lady.

Like the tie I made for Sunday? I think the green polka-dot is my favorite!

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  1. I'm so glad you got to meet her . Send me copies of her CD's please. Looks like you had a great afternoon. Mom