Friday, March 2, 2012

Slightly Star Struck

I'm in charge of the bulletins at our church so every Friday the Pastor emails me announcements. About two weeks ago he wanted an announcement saying that the Miller family will be with us on March 11th. I emailed asking if they were missionaries or evangelists, etc so the congregation would know more about them.

He emailed back that it was the Abigail Miller family. In case you don't know who she is, she's a pretty big deal in the Christian music department. A famous baptist, if you will. I emailed back to cancel the song I was supposed to sing - because it was a song she wrote! Yeah!

A few minutes ago he asked if our family would like to have lunch with them and the Millers after service- OH MY! Totally psyched! Lunch with actual Abigail Miller...and slightly less famous husband and 9 kids.

Anyways, I own two of her CD's and have sang many of her songs in the past few years. She has quiet a gift for song writing, composition, and singing. And I'm gonna have lunch with her in 2 weeks! WHOOAA!

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