Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunny Day Play

So in typical Arizona fashion we had almost 7in of snow on Sunday and Monday and went right back to a 75deg spring filled week. I'm glad that I waited a bit before packing up all of the winter clothes.

We have yet to put a fence around our 1/4 acre, so when the sunshine gets to be inviting we trudge over to Nana and Grandpa's and let the boys be boys.

It was adorable to see Nathan out there with his little exploratory legs chugging everywhere and nowhere.
It was his first time getting to roam freely and he really enjoyed touching everything, chasing the dog, and feeling the wind in his face.


Timothy headed over to the barn and found the world's largest handled spoon. Anyone who has ever been to Grandpa's barn knows that anything unique, weird, or just pointless to purchase can be found there. Hence the huge spoon.

He then proceeded to provoke Cadbury to bite the spoon so he could lead around the yard. Typical boy.

Tim got a little carried away and began to get a little rough.
Of course Caddie ran away and he had to go and persuade him to play again. 

Nathan also had some adventures with Cadbury. I turned around to see Nathan standing by while Cadbury cleaned his ears. It was so gross, but Nathan is known to greet his favorite dog by sticking his pointer in Caddie's nostril, so it was somewhat expected.

We planted some sunflower seeds from last year. Nana has baskets full that she let them just scatter about.

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