Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yellow is for....

    I just put Timmy to bed and had to post about something cute he said. We were singing "color song" which is a children's song about how different colors relate to different things about God, etc..  The final line of the song says that yellow is for the Christian who's afraid to tell. Timothy corrected me and said that yellow is for the Christian who's afraid of town.

   Sunday night I forgot "Special George" at the church...Special George is what he calls his favorite blanket, because it has "specials" on it- yellow satin edging. He has an "Emergency George" that doesn't have any satin edges. He didn't notice that night because he was so tired. Then I went to class at church on Monday night. Mrs. Miller (I'll post about that later) asked me how my son had slept because she noticed I forgot his blanket. She reminded me to take it and I totally forgot as we began chatting away again after class.
  So, I got home sans-george and Tim finally figured it out. I sat him down in his bed and told him that I was very sorry and forgot George at church. He began to sob and said that he would be scared to sleep without George. So we prayed. He prayed, "Jesus, I'm sad for George because Mommy is a stinker!" More sobbing.
  He settled down, but woke up two times last night sad. This morning he came into my room and said, "Good morning Mommy. You a noob. You forget my George."   He was pretty upset.
  But, Grandpa and Nana stopped by the church this afternoon and brought back George for us. PTL for that!

So, for those of you who didn't know; yellow is for people who are afraid of town, and also for special George's specials.


  1. What a bad mommy you are Amanda lol mpm

  2. I miss u guys so much I'm imagining Timmy saying it haha sis I guess your a noob.