Thursday, May 17, 2012

Addicted to Cuteness

I must confess. somehow while poking around on the web Mr. Tim and I found this website. OMG So Cute is the perfect name. All the website has is tons of cute and candid shots of animals. We keep popping back on this site to see just a few more.

Tim loves this dog because it looks like a baby Cady. 

 I adore this picture of the giraffe!

Timothy and I have been on a mission to convince Daddy to buy us a baby bunny or a duckling for a few weeks now. But, after these pictures I think I'd rather have a baby hedgehog! 

Or perhaps a set of newborn porcupines? Aren't they just the cutest little pocket size pets?
Did you know they had all of those quills at that age? Me neither.

Then again the snow cone kitty would be a major hit with boys. 

Perhaps a mouse that plays the flute would be the best pet for this musically inclined family.It's small enough to fit in our house. 

Take a look for yourself. Have fun aahh-ing and wasting time. 

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