Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mudders Day

I had a great Mothers Day. This was the first year that I've had a "smart phone" and almost all of siblings and family are using them in some sort. I think this was the first holiday where nobody called but everyone texted or emailed via phone- modern times.

The boys took good care of me and made sure I enjoyed "Mudders" Day to it's fullest. I had to laugh at Daddy and his not so stealthy shopping buddy. Just a little tip for all of the dads: When your son is running around with gadgets and screaming to everyone in the yard "Super Spy!" or "Here comes the Super Spy!" he's probably not going to keep a secret. 

Matt opened the trunk of the van (I was waiting in the car) and Tim stuck his head in the car and said, "We have a secret surprise for you Mudders Day. A secret surprise of flowers, and....and...." He basically told me everything he bought me, what color, and how to play with it later. Then he said, "It's a secret surprise for you. No talking 'bout it."  

He was pretty peeved that Daddy wouldn't let him buy a Thomas the Train pinata for me.

"Wif lotta candy inside. Lots Mom." 

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  1. LOL .does that mean we can text now? Leave it to a kid to spill the beans! Remeber Hannah ? Love MOM