Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nathan and Tim

Tuesday was haircut night in Borja House. Nathan got his first non-surgical haircut this week. He looks so different without baby wisps blowing in his face and hanging over his ears. Tim and Daddy also got a little trim. I'm still debating on how short I want to cut my hair...and Matt will not be my barber (:

Nathan has learned to high-five and he is obsessed. Timmy taught him how to low-five and side-five. He loves that he taught "his baby" something. Nathan can't quite say high-five, he says Ha-fah....almost sounds like heifer.

I'm still waiting for Nathan to say "Timmy".  He adores his big brother...they're playing hide and seek right now and having a blast. He'll say it when he's ready. Besides, Timmy still pronounces his name as "Nay-fen" or when they're snuggling he says, "Mom, He's my Nater."

We used the self check-out at the grocery store. After you are done and take your items away the computer will say in a female voice, "Thank you for shopping at Safeway". Well, we had already left the register and were headed to the door when "she" said it so Timothy shouted back over his shoulder "YOU'RE WELCOME!!"
It was hilarious. To me at least.

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