Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Routine Clock

I have wanted to put Timothy on a schedule for a while but just couldn't find the proper balance between structure and just being a 3 year old. See, we do the same things every day in roughly the same order just not at the same time. So a clock or chart with a definite schedule would not have worked for us.

That's when I thought about using little icons in a clock format that would be in our regular "order of operation" without locking us all into a fixed schedule. A routine rather than a schedule that would be easy for a toddler to understand.

The icons are things that timothy can easily recognize and associate a task with.
Sunshine= wake up time. Then we eat breakfast, get dressed, brush our teeth, and help mommy with some chores.
Timothy has been doing chores for the past few weeks, nothing major-  he helps wipe down the table, sweeps with me, and helps me carry groceries from the kitchen to the pantry after shopping. His new favorite job is standing on a bench and helping me load the washing machine.

He has always cleaned his own room, so that was no big deal.

After we noticed that Tim had developed a slight attitude I decided that he just had way to much time doing what he wanted all day and needed to spend some more time helping others. So, we had a Mommy-Timmy chat about how families need to work together and help each other. Now when he's helping me do some task he'll smile after we "high-five" and "good job Super Helper" and say, "We are family together mom cause I love you."

I didn't want to schedule his life so there are some dead spots in the day to just be us. Next on the clock is lunch, then a cat nap, followed by either computer time or a movie when he wakes up. We had to put playing toys on the wheel! Then it's water the plants before dinner. (Timothy now thinks that we can only eat meatballs for dinner because that's what the clock says.)

Then we brush our teeth/ get ready for bed, followed by book reading and bed time. Then the sun comes up and we start over again!

I'm really happy that I found a way to give him responsibility and a sense of self-importance without making him into a little robot.

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  1. Are you saying you guys were little robots? Lol just kidding. Relax and just have fun. Every kid needs a routine. Mom