Thursday, June 7, 2012

Breaking the Rules

We have once again decided to go against the flow at Borja House. Since we will be traveling on Fathers Day (we'll be in Georgia) we decided to just give Matt his gifts now to enjoy. 

Basically, I bought furniture for our back deck so we could hang out more/ take advantage of the cool evenings while we still have them/ get Daddy away from the desk.

We assembled all the tables and had what has now been known as "a watermelon party" out back.

Not sure how we did on the "get daddy away from the desk" part. Curse that extension cord! 

Timothy will not look at the camera! 

They were having a blast. Nathan was pretty impressed with cold watermelon, in case you can't tell.

Of course, Daddy was more than happy to help when it came time for clean-up. Off with the sticky shirts and out with the garden hose. 

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