Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Georgia Vacation: Part 2

We drove up to South Carolina for a few days. We stayed with my Dad's step parents who I had not seen in 10 years! They own a 17 acre beautiful oasis where they garden, keep bees, work on their art, have a welding shop, and much more! 

We went to the beach. What a blast! The boys had never been to a lake or beach, and Matt and I hadn't been to a beach in years.

Of course my Dad and Grandpa Lee initiated a inner-tube standing contest.

Even Timothy joined in the antics.

Those things on the shore are water launchers- we had quite the war!

The next morning we hiked up to Riley Moore Waterfall. The hike alone was such fun. We got to see so many neat things; loads of different mushrooms, frogs, bugs, wild flowers, and nuts.

The hike was about 15 minutes. Matt borrowed a baby carrier and wore Nathan proudly while Timothy had all of us hikers singing songs with him. 

This was a great time for Timothy and Grandpa Jeff to bond. 

Of course we got to the falls and had to go wading in! 

The boys (all three) were catching small fish and tadpoles. We even saw a small water snake. Creepy!

Since Arizona is so dry we are prohibited from lighting fireworks, so of course we had an early 4th of July while there.

Then it was back to Georgia to finish up our last few days. 
More pictures coming soon!

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