Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Small World, Small Town

I took the car in to Discount Tires to have a nail removed from one of our tires. I went to the front desk and gave the man my last name and phone number. He asked, "Are you Matt or Brad?" I laughed and said, "Matt is my husband. Brad is my brother."  This actually happens a lot.

I went to the eye doctor once and he asked if I was Nick, Brad , Matt, or Amanda. I told him to guess.

Timothy and I planted watermelon and pumpkins in the beginning of June and hadn't seen any sprouting at all. I had gotten discouraged and stopped watering them after a month. We had a three day monsoon over the weekend so I didn't water these past few days.
I had moved all of my small potted plants inside to protect them from the hail and high winds. Anyways, I went out to the back garden and found two pumpkin seeds had sprouted and one watermelon! And we have 5 new sunflower stalks!

Welcome to my Pantry/Laundry Room now turned Greenhouse! The orchid is from my wonderful husband; a get well soon gift while I was dying of the stomach flu. 

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