Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday News

Three things happened today that amused me a little, so I thought I'd share.

 #1 Timothy won a squirt gun at VBS and the boys have been having lots of fun with it. Since it was in the house there was no water in it today, so Nathan decided to fill it up himself- in the toilet bowl!

 #2 Before heading to church this morning we searched the whole house for Matt's keys because I don't have a key to lock up the church. Anyways, I just found the keys. They were in the kitchen sink! 

 #3 I was busy assisting Timothy in the potty while Nathan was supposed to be playing toys. I came out the bathroom to see that he had found the maple syrup bottle I had forgotten to put away. He was sitting on top of the table in a puddle of syrup swigging off the top of the bottle! 

He'll probably not be taking his nap today.

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