Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Talking Boys And Some Book Reviews

Nathan and Timothy seem to have doubled their vocabulary in the past few weeks. Whenever Nathan is thirsty he says "cup". The other day he held out his empty cup and said "more cup!"

At bathtime Nathan hid behind the shower curtain and to my surprise, he popped out and said "surprise"! I was lucky enough to be steps away from the camera.

Yesterday we were at the library to (once again) see the annual program with Chuck Cheesman. We also had to get some books. Since Timothy has developed a fascination with our trash man I was thrilled to see a new book on our shelves called Trashy Town by Andrea Zimmerman. As I was buckling Timothy in his carseat I told him that I got him a book all about being a trash man. He lit up and said, "You're a nice mom to get that for me! That's why I very, very love you!"

In case you're wondering, he loved the book. It had great pictures, a simple story line and was very easy for him to understand.

He has been saying for the past few weeks that he wants to grow up to be "A fireman and a trash-man-Timmy. Both of those".  The week before our vacation we got only fire fighter themed books. Some of them had way to much information for him to understand. We did, however, end up reading Fireman Small by Wong Herbert Yee every night before bed.

Fireman Small is the only fireman in a very busy town. He works from sun-up to sun-down fighting fires, rescuing pets, and saving babies. This sing-song rhyming book about Fireman Small trying to get just a little sleep is a fun read for kids of all ages.

LASTLY- Timothy heard the phrase "I'm pooped" somewhere in reference to being tired and decided to file it away for future use. This afternoon he and Nathan were wrestling on the bed. Tim fell down exaggeratedly and said, "Ooh, he's pooping me out."

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