Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Fun

I cannot believe that summer is almost over and autumn is just around the corner. I have been really enjoying the garden this year, especially since I opted for a container garden on the porch. The bugs have a harder time getting at the vegetables and everything is growing despite our sandy soil.

We are also growing some sunflowers and four o'clocks out front and are hoping that the pumpkins and watermelon can survive the heat. Timothy is having loads of fun looking around for bugs and critters, which he finds both fascinating and terrifying. 

We went over Nana's and just hung out, picked all of her apples and grapes, and swam in the pool. 

Well, they swam. I napped with man's best friend. 

Would you believe the following pictures were taken using an ipad? Not bad, huh?

In other unimportant weekly adorable husband grilled some steaks last night that were AMAZING! What a treat! My Dad (and his friend "Grill Master Sean") got Mat hooked on grilling and I'm loving it. That Georgia trip was worth every penny! 

Made some play dough this week. Green of course. 

Had a party at church tonight. Made some cookie bars and macaroons to take along. The macaroons are super simple and such a crowd pleaser. I'll have to share the recipe some time.
But right now I'm going to sleep! 

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