Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hangin in there

The Borja family is expecting again! And boy am I feeling it. These past two weeks have been a real trial for me. Last night I had to stay home from church because I just couldn't conquer the morning/all day sickness. I went to empty my stomach for the third time that evening and was so fatigued I ended up falling asleep hanging over the edge of the tub!

Hopefully the insurance will process the referral soon and I can go see my doctor for some medication before this gets out of hand- much like the last pregnancies. I don't want to be fighting a weight loss problem again.

The guys are all doing well. Tim gets a little upset when he sees me being sick everyday because he is praying for me and can't understand why I'm not better yet. Yesterday he came in the bathroom and sta behind me because, "I want to be with you in here but I don't want you to spit on me." That's my boy! Matt has been doing the best he can to run the house...the boys are loving the donuts and pastries every morning, as well as, the more adventurous bedtime stories.

So that is why I have been ignoring everyone. Lol

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  1. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you -- that you are going to have another baby - not that you aren't feeling well. I'll be praying that the sickness will go away soon. Tim is such a sweetheart to want to be with you. I'm sure Matt is doing a great job.