Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Wanna Be a Fireman

The library invited the local firefighters to come and do a program today. You may remember us going last year as well. We all really enjoyed it. 

They introduced themselves, talked to the kids, and then began to show them their uniform. Seeing a fireman with a mask can be scary to a small child so they talked the kids through the process. The said things like, "See fireman Toby? He's gonna put on his big boots now. Is he still fireman Toby?" 

As you can tell, Timothy still wants to be a fireman.... or a conductor, or a trash man. 

Finally he put the mask on and talked through it so the children could hear what his voice would sound like. We talked about how we should not run away or hide if we see Fireman Toby and then they had the kids practice yelling to the fireman that they were "over here and need help" .

He let them feel the oxygen coming out of the hose. 

All of the firemen were very sweet and gentle with the children. 

Crawling around in a pretend house filled with smoke.

Come on Nathan!

Then we got to go inside the engine...

...and back out

Sun in his eyes, but very happy!

Looking at all the hoses and equipment

Trying to organize the kids for a decent group photo!

Waving goodbye as they drove away- sirens blaring of course!

I strongly recommend taking your children to any fireman program or even the station, just to get them used to seeing the people and things. Not to mention getting them prepared for (heaven forbid) an emergency situation. 

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