Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Angry And Ready To Take Action

Because we work from home we do not have medical insurance. However, when I am pregnant I get government insurance for up to 6 months after the baby is born. Only for myself. 

After haggling all I could on an outrageous doctor's bill, we just gave 85% of our house fund to Yavapai Regional Medical Center. I want to cry. We have saved for so long. Just to visit the emergency room is a base cost of $1300! Then there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars in additional fees and services, and a separate bill from the doctor.

I have been casually watching "Extreme Couponing" these past few days while I fold laundry and whatnot and was actually thinking it would be a good way to help support a new woman's shelter in our area. Now I'm gonna need to see if I can get our house fund back. 

Studying up at:

After reading the bill for the first time I told Matt that I was going to become a homeopathic doctor so nobody in our area would be stuck like us again. He just gave me "the look". 

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