Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Magic Word

It's no surprise that having a computer tech for a Dad makes my tiny tots really into electronics. Timothy loves the ipad. He has more apps than I do. And it's my ipad.

The other night Matt was playing mad-scientist-computer-tech and was cutting wires and soldering parts in his office. So, he put a gate up to keep the boys from wandering in and touching his tools or destroying his stuff. Like all good techs, he decided to take a little break and play some video games :)

Timothy,of course, spotted him right away and asked if he could come in and play multi-player. "What's the magic word?" Matt asked. "Pleeeaase" Tim says. "Nope. What's the other magic word?" Matt says teasingly. Seeing that he didn't understand, I pull the poor guy aside and whispered, "Say, 'Daddy is awesome' and he'll let you in."

He walked back over the gate frustrated and said, "Daddy, Please is always the magic word!"

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