Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting Creative

 The creative juices have been flowing these past two weeks. I finally got around to sewing two jumpers for "Fluffy" last week. Yes, we still are undecided on the perfect name. Poor girl, even Nathan calls her Fluffy.

There was a pattern that I wanted but it was $15 and wasn't going on sale for a while so I just bought it but then traced most of the pieces before cutting so I could have it in all sizes. Last night it dawned on me while cutting out the rest that I could just cut the pattern out on large and make photo copies. Now I can make multiple versions of all the pieces in various sizes without having to buy the pattern again!

I have been getting a lot of requests/orders for crochet hats and headbands. I didn't get a picture of the other two hats I did, but here is an ear warmer I did for one of our library friends. Although it takes time out of my day, the extra craft money is always appreciated :)

 Matt has been super duper busy this month so he thought it would be fun if he and Timothy worked together on a pinata for his birthday. They started it tonight and we all hung out at the table singing and talking and just making memories. 

I was really surprised that Timothy didn't get bored after such a long process. 

Here it is drying in the pantry. Tomorrow we will put another set of paper mache and then decorate it on Thursday for his birthday on Sunday! He is bringing the pinata and some treats to church for all of his friends in Sunday School since their parents were just too busy for a party during the weekend. We will keep you posted as to how it comes out!

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