Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Timothy's 4th Birthday

Timothy's family birthday party on Saturday night. Nana and Grandpa had all of his favorite foods: tater tots, orange sherbet punch, and "sausage hot dogs", otherwise known as bratwurst. 

Uncle Brad decided to liven up the present unwrapping by wrapping theirs multiple times and using masking tape wherever possible. Timothy was determined enough to see what was inside so it was no trouble at all!

 Nathan amused himself for most of the evening with party blowers, balloons and noise makers.

Sticking with the angry birds theme, I made a chocolate cake with chocolate chip ice cream and decorated it just how I was instructed to by the birthday boy :)

He loved it! And so did Nathan judging by that smile!

Forget the spoon! That takes too long!

When we got home he and Daddy set to work connecting his track expansions sets to his current ones and getting all of his new engines on the tracks! Thanks Grandpa Jeff for the "spaghetti and meatball express"...cute joke. Timothy and I loathe spaghetti sauce.

He also received some money for his birthday and ended up ordering another large set online. Patience is the key for the next 5-8 business days. 

Sunday morning we packed up the AWESOME pinata that Matt made...

 ...the angry birds bowling game that Timothy and I made, some marshmallow pops, party hats, and our Bibles (of course) and headed to church.

The kids all had a great little party after the services. 

Timothy has a friend in Sunday School who was born on the exact same date so we made sure to sing to him as well.

Get it Timmy!

 After all of the tots had multiple whacks at the pinata we brought in a teenager to get the all candy out.

Eating marshmallow pops and bowling

 And if that was not enough excitement, we headed over to Peter Piper's Pizza for Timothy's friend's birthday party! 

Matt had a good time using the machine with the claw and winning balls for everyone. His being technically minded sure comes in handy! Best Daddy Ever! 

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