Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We Love Firefighters!

Nathan has been obsessed with fire trucks almost as much as Timothy is with trains. He sleeps in fire engine pjs, has two fire trucks, wears a fireman's hat, and has read just about every book about firefighting the library has. Every time we see an engine on the highway we drive a little slower and lower the back windows so he can get a good look.

Today while we were at the grocery store I spotted a fire truck at the far end of the parking lot. After the groceries were loaded in the car we drove all the way across the parking lot to see what we thought was an empty fire engine. As I pulled up alongside the door opened and a fireman cae over to the back windows and began chatting with the boys in their carseats. Then he invited us to park the car and go inside his truck to poke around! How could I say no?

After we looked around, chatted a bit, and high-fived all of the firemen we headed down the road for home. But, we passed each other twice on the highway and the men hung out the windows and waved at the boys and honked the horn each time! I love living in our little town!

.The little firefighter eating his breakfast a few days ago. Sorry for the haze..all of the shades in the kitchen were open :)

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